Online UPS


Online UPS with isolation transformers offers numerous benefits, and Tejomay Power Solutions takes pride in providing special features that enhance its performance and reliability. Here are the key features of our Online UPS with isolation transformers:

  • Double Conversion IGBT-Based Online Technology: Our UPS utilizes double conversion technology with IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) to ensure seamless power transfer and protection against power fluctuations.
  • Fully Digital DSP Control: The UPS is equipped with a fully digital Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control system, which enables rapid trip conditions to protect power devices from potential damage.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range and Phase Reversal Protection: The UPS operates within a wide input voltage range, ensuring compatibility with different power sources. It is also designed to operate free from phase reversal, safeguarding the connected equipment.
  • User-Friendly LCD Interface: The UPS features a user-friendly LCD interface that displays all relevant parameters and indications, allowing users to monitor the system’s status and make informed decisions.
  • Fully Digital Algorithm and Pre-Set Free Setting: The UPS incorporates a fully digital algorithm, enabling efficient and precise control over power conversion. It also offers pre-set free settings, simplifying configuration and customization as per specific requirements.
  • Advanced Battery Management System: Our UPS is equipped with an advanced battery management system that optimizes battery performance, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring reliable backup power.
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection: The UPS is designed with built-in short circuit and overload protection mechanisms to safeguard connected equipment and prevent damage due to electrical faults.
  • Event and Error Log with Real-Time Clock: The UPS maintains an event and error log, providing valuable information about system events and faults. The integrated real-time clock helps in accurate time stamping of events for diagnostic purposes.
  • Manual Bypass Mode: The UPS includes a manual bypass mode, allowing for easy transfer of power in case of maintenance or repair requirements.
  • Available in Balance and Unbalance Systems: Our Online UPS with isolation transformers is available in both balanced and unbalanced system configurations, catering to diverse power distribution requirements.
  • Easy Servicing with Fewer Cards: The UPS is designed with fewer cards, simplifying servicing and reducing downtime during maintenance.
  • In-House R&D and Complete Manufacturing Setup: Tejomay Power Solutions boasts an in-house research and development (R&D) department and a comprehensive manufacturing setup, ensuring the highest quality standards and customization capabilities.

With these exceptional features, our Online UPS with isolation transformers provides reliable and efficient power backup solutions for critical applications, securing your valuable equipment and ensuring uninterrupted operations.