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Online Lift UPS for Regenerative Lifts

In today’s world, regenerative lifts have become increasingly popular and essential for high-rise buildings due to their unique design and significant electricity savings. However, these lifts require a constant and pure power supply to operate efficiently. Power fluctuations from the grid can cause these lifts to get stuck, hang, or operate jerkily. To overcome these issues and ensure smooth and uninterrupted travel, a specialized Online Lift UPS for Regenerative Lifts is required. Tejomay Power Solutions offers a unique Online Lift UPS for Regenerative Lifts with the following smart features:

  • Jerk-free Operations and Regenerative Drive Compatibility: Our Online Lift UPS ensures smooth and jerk-free lift operations, specifically designed to handle regenerative power from the lift’s regenerative drive. This compatibility allows the lift to harness and utilize the regenerative energy efficiently.
  • Zero Transfer: The UPS incorporates a zero transfer feature, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during transitions between the mains power and the UPS backup. This seamless transition avoids any disruptions or downtime in lift operations.
  • Built-in Auto Rescue Device: Our Online Lift UPS is equipped with a built-in auto rescue device (ARD), adding an extra layer of safety. In the event of a power outage, the ARD automatically activates to bring the lift to the nearest floor, ensuring passenger safety and a smooth evacuation process.
  • Double Conversion IGBT-Based Online Technology: The UPS utilizes double conversion technology with IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) for efficient and reliable power conversion, providing clean and stable power to the lift system.
  • Fully Digital DSP Control: With a fully digital DSP control system, the UPS offers precise control and extreme fast trip conditions to protect power devices from damage, ensuring the longevity of the UPS and lift components.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range and Phase Reversal Protection: The UPS operates within a wide input voltage range and is designed to be immune to phase reversal. This feature guarantees stable operation even in challenging grid conditions, safeguarding the lift from power-related issues.
  • User-Friendly LCD Interface: The UPS is equipped with a user-friendly LCD interface that displays all relevant parameters and indications. This interface allows easy monitoring and control, ensuring the lift operators can stay informed about the UPS status.
  • Fully Digital Algorithm and Pre-set Free Setting: Our UPS employs a fully digital algorithm that ensures efficient power conversion. It also offers pre-set free settings, allowing customization to specific requirements, optimizing performance and energy efficiency.
  • Advanced Battery Management System: The UPS incorporates an advanced battery management system that maximizes battery performance and lifespan, ensuring reliable backup power during outages.
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection: Built-in short circuit and overload protection mechanisms safeguard the lift and UPS from electrical faults, preventing damage to the equipment.
  • Event and Error Log with Real-Time Clock: The UPS maintains an event and error log, recording up to 100 events with a real-time clock. This log provides valuable diagnostic information and helps in troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Easy Servicing with Fewer Cards: Our UPS is designed with a minimal number of cards, simplifying servicing and reducing downtime during maintenance operations.
  • Tejomay Power Solutions takes pride in its in-house research and development (R&D) capabilities and a complete manufacturing setup. This ensures that our Online Lift UPS for Regenerative Lifts is engineered to the highest standards and delivers optimal performance and reliability.

Choose Tejomay Power Solutions for a smart and reliable Online Lift UPS solution that guarantees jerk-free operations, compatibility with regenerative drives, zero transfer interruptions, and built-in safety features. Our in-depth expertise and commitment to innovation enable us to provide exceptional power solutions for regenerative lifts.